Rachit Dua

Intermittent Fasting 101

September, 2018
The Master Responds

To define intermittent fasting in layman's words, it is simply a technique to restrict your calorie intake. (It is extremely important however to understand that irrespective of the diet you follow nothing is ever beyond the universal balance of Calories-In vs Calories-Out).

During IF you have a fixed eating window which is generally from 4-8 hours. Rest, 16-20 hours one has to fast where you are only allowed to have either water or probably a cup of black coffee/green tea (without sugar).

Intermittent fasting is way more than a calorie slashing technique. Studies suggest that it does have a significant impact on the vital hormones, and this has shown various physiological benefits to the body.

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Shwetha Bhatia Registered Dietician and Fitness Athlete

Psychosocial factors that have an influence on obesity come down to the three S's: stress, sleep, and social jetlag.

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Parag Mhetre CMS (candidate for master of sport) World Kettlebell Bronze Medalist Completed taking 200 Kettlebell workshops – PAN India

Kettlebell Sport, also known as Girevoy Sport (GS), is a highly challenging power-endurance feat of a cyclical nature.

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Dr. Rajani Patil Spine & Sports Physiotherapy Specialist

Do you pay attention to how you warm up for your gym workout? Often times you may be so kicked to get started that you might rush through it all or completely skip it.

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