Andreia Brazier

The Reigning 4 Times WBFF Fitness Diva....

July, 2016
The Master Responds

Krunch Today team caught up with the gorgeous Andreia Brazier, who was in Mumbai recently to promote a joint collaboration with Physique Global an international fitness education platform created by Jag Chima, which has partnered with Fitex Expo, slated to held in November in Delhi.

This is the first time that Brazier was in India and this is a working cum holiday tour for her. The tour covered Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi. Brazier's visit to these cities was planned to promote fitness and fitness seminars. She expressed her happiness to be associated with Physique Global & Fitex Expo.

Brazier is originally from Brazil and currently calls Dubai as her home, where she runs her own gym and conducts personal and group training. Through her fitness programmes, Brazier tries to educate her clients about following a lifestyle and diet pattern. There are a lot of new things that she started in her gym, which people to copy. But Brazier remains unperturbed, as long as the outcome is good for the overall fitness industry.

She has 5 titles to her credit, out of which her 1st title win was the 'Black Angel' and the remaining 4 have been 'WBFF Fitness Diva'. She is all set to compete for the fifth time in the WBFF competition, to be held in Toronto later this year. �This will be my last year with WBFF, I will not come back again.

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