How Much Protein Is

Good For Your Body?

January, 2019
The Master Responds

Having a Protein rich diet is very important in today's booming fitness era. There are numerous ways of consuming protein; supplements, shakes or following a protein diet plan like Atkins and Zone which focus on providing your body with maximum benefits like formation and building of bones and muscles. But, it is important to know that one should not be exceeding the limit of protein consumption. Experts recommend protein rich diet as per your body requirement and do not encourage excess protein rich foods beyond the limit which can be harmful. Adopting a heavy protein rich diet for a longer period of time can bring you some health hazards. Here is how excess protein can affect your body in different ways.


If protein is consumed without being accompanied with enough fibre, the person can suffer from Diarrhoea. Such a thing is more liable to happen when you are intolerant to lactose or consume protein from sources such as fried meat, fish or eggs. Hence, one is always recommended to increase protein intake from sources that are heart-healthy and have a good amount of fibre.


A rich protein diet is adopted to reduce weight but for a shorter span. If protein rich diets are continued as a regular diet for a longer period of time, the results could reverse. Protein is the building block of the body. It also boosts your metabolism to increase physical activities to achieve the desired body goals. At the same time, if too much protein is consumed then it is stored as fat in your body and can lead to weight gain over a period of time.

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