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September, 2018
The Master Responds

'Fitness' is about improving physical performance; and cannot be achieved without understanding the Anatomy, Bio-Mechanics & Physiology of the human body.
Hence, completely a SCIENCE that needs to be learnt academically and applied practically. Teach facts based on these sciences or simply end the pretence

Living in an age where fitness is much craved for and where it has entered the common vocabulary of a large part of the populace, it has naturally brought along with it an array of myths, which are being blindly followed by millions without understanding the science behind it.

"When one teaches what science dictates and accepts the role of being a conveyor of scientific knowledge rather than one who opines about his or her versions of the path to enhanced performance; one finds the real path to dispensing education. My school has always striven to stay away from opinions and stick to facts that are scientifically validated and thus cannot be argued upon." says Master Fitness Trainer, Educationist in Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition; and Co-Founder of K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences - Mr Kaizzad Capadia.

A powerhouse of knowledge, an excellent orator, a passionate Strength Coach, and an inspiration for many, Kaizzad is fully committed to his profession.

What sets him apart from others is his total devotion to teaching his domain expertise with scientific logic; something that's usually missing in the fitness industry.

This reflects in the training imparted at K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences to students aspiring to enter the lucrative Fitness Industry as highly paid Personal Trainers.

In a recent conversation with Krunch Today, Kaizzad Capadia opened up about the K11 Academy – its mission, vision, philosophies; its journey thus far since 2003 and future developments with respect to its offerings for the aspiring candidates joining the industry.

Tell us how has K11 developed over the years in terms of quality of education?

K11 has always been focussed on delivering the best training in the fitness domain. Over the years the quality of training has been revamped to include the finest of academic syllabi, faculty, training infrastructure, learning aids, and assessment protocols.

Upgraded Course Syllabus:

The K11 Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Course in 2003 was for a duration of 2 Months and today it has evolved into an in-depth course of 5 months duration. We have literally more than doubled our course content over the past 15 years. This is what happens when Teachers never stop learning.

Upgraded Student Kits:

We provide each student upon enrolment in the K11 CPT Course with the following as part of their enrolment kit -

A detailed colour illustrated, professionally formatted and printed hardbound CPT Textbook, that ensures that each lecture in the course is represented by a detailed chapter in the textbook, making it the perfect study resource and reference guide for all students.

A beautiful, practically designed 200 page, large Work Book, as a handy tool for taking down notes.

The latest, most exciting addition to this enrolment Kit has been the customized K11 Student Issue Lifting Shoes.

The first lot will be distributed by 15th of September for the June and July batch students.

To carry all of this, the student also gets on enrolment day; a high quality K11 student issue haversack.

All of the above has only one functional motive in mind – To enhance the learning experience as much as possible.

Upgraded assessment SOP, Tech and Protocol:

A Separate assessment department of Teacher Grade Assessors only to assess the students. Ignoring doubling up of the salary budget, K11, couple of years back decided to end the multitasking of teachers, doing assessments. This was done to further ensure unbiased and fair assessments. K11 assessment department consists of highly paid Assessors, who are teacher calibre, but do not teach and met the student directly during assessments.

K11 will also soon move from pen & paper exams to an examination software that will randomize the questions on a Tablet/PC.

Upgraded Quality Assurance:

5 years back K11 decided that it needs to subject itself to international grade external audits for checking its quality as an exercise in self-improvement.

K11 approached the International Education Conglomerate PEARSON to audit K11 Schools. K11 has been PEARSON ASSURED for quality for the past 5 years.

All of the above has obviously increased our operating costs and capital investment in a brick & mortar setup like ours immensely, but has also provided us with immense satisfaction while going about our business of providing vocational education in Sciences related to Fitness.

Upgraded Infrastructure:

K11 started off in 2003 with a 1500 square feet facility. Now all K11 Academies admeasure 5000 to 7000 Square Feet.

Classrooms are temperature controlled, furnished with Study Chairs, Teaching Podium, Audio Visually equipped with interactive projectors, and Human Skeleton Model.

The labs are veritable gym floors equipped with Sectorized, Plate loaded, cable based resistance machines, Olympic Lifting Bars and Bumper Plates, Full complement of Dumbbells, Lifting Logs, Trap bars, Kettle bells, lifting Platforms with each Power cage, Woodway Treadmills for learning Running Gait, Concept-II Rowers.

Point to note is that these are as well-equipped as commercial gym floors, BUT are solely dedicated to teaching K11 students who have enrolled for the Certified Personal Trainers course. No gym members are entertained on the gym floor. Hence it is a learning LAB in every sense of the term.

K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences infra is a fully dedicated LEARNING CENTRE.

Tell us about the latest changes and what they mean from a career perspective?

K11 has recently inked a landmark deal.

A new very exciting development for us is that finally we have achieved International portability for our students that successfully pass our assessments and get certified as Personal Trainers from K11.

We have achieved this through a tie-up with ETA College based out of South Africa. The ETA College franchisee in Dubai - AIKARO, will now be sending its Senior most Assessors for conducting ETA Certification exams to K11 centres across India.

Every student who passes K11 Assessments and is a K11 Certificate holder will compulsorily also give his ETA Certificate Assessments that are deemed to be REP’s Level III.

This will be done under the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) granted to K11 education.

This will enable the K11 Certified student to become a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REP’s) in 5 Countries viz. United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

In Dubai, just the international standards REP’s Level III prep tuitions plus exam would cost the student about 7,500 Dirhams (Rs.1,35,000/-), plus the cost of travel to Dubai, only for the certification course and the exams.

The international standards REP’s Level-III assessments held by ETA Academy assessors, at the K11 centres, for the K11 Certified Students, comes at NO ADDED COST to each K11 Certified Student.

The Nationally recognised K11 Certification along with 5 months of intensive learning of Exercise Science at K11 Centres of excellence + the International Standards, REP’s Level-III assessments for certification from ETA College (South-Africa) is included in the K11 Course fees of just Rs.86,200/-

Thus, the savings accruing to those wanting international standards certification is nothing less than huge.

What are the values that students joining a fitness training course, should already be imbibed with?

Students joining a fitness training course need to judge for themselves whether they are meant for the industry. Only if teaching excites him or her, should they join the industry; not merely because he or she loves to work out – because in the latter case, they are ideal customers for the industry, but not ideal for being professionals in the Industry.

Analyse yourself whether it makes you feel happy seeing your client’s physique improve. Do you have patience and enjoy training people. Only when the passion for imparting knowledge and coaching, goes along with a passion for working out; should you think of being a part of the industry.

How does K11 teaching differentiate itself from formal education?

    K11 works on a set of core teaching philosophies. These philosophies are Cornerstones on which K11 is built:
  • No point in teaching How, without first and foremost teaching the Why
  • If it is NOT applicable, then it is not worth teaching
  • At K11, we do not practice what we preach. We preach what we practice.
  • There is no such thing as “Too many questions”
  • The only way to teach is with examples
  • If a Teacher loses his or her patience; then that teacher never really had patience in the first place
  • Opinions are a human’s birth right, and even K11 teachers have opinions. But in the K11 Classroom - only facts are expressed; whereas opinions are reserved for tea-time chats.
  • Everything taught in every single lecture is based on the two universal philosophies of efficiency and optimisation
  • Stand & Deliver, Constant eye-contact, NO power-point, Only powerful oratory; THAT’S HOW WE TEACH

How does the projected career path of a K11 student vary from the student from other institutes?

We hold their hands and groom them with personality development and soft skills lectures dispensed by out sourced professional soft skills agencies. These lectures cover – Grooming, Personal Hygiene, Presentation, Pitching for Clients and training in how to give effective job interviews in a professional manner. These sessions instil in them the required confidence which makes them successful in impressing prospective employers and recruiters that then gladly provide them an entry into the Fitness Industry.

Intensive Practical training that follows in the Lab (Gym Floor) post theoretical lectures in the class rooms, gives them immense confidence in professing their expertise on their clients thus ensuring a thriving Personal Training practice.

Online training is recognised globally in many industries. Your views on it please.

Online Training is a very smart use of IT and I do not deny its place in education today. But, it completely blows me away, if anyone raises a question about drawing comparisons between online and onsite school education.

Do I really need to state, just how important proper brick & mortar schools with face to face class room instruction by teachers and practical training in well-equipped labs with Master Trainers is to effective teaching???

Somehow people in the Fitness Industry seemed to have forgotten that Online training is by all means distance learning or what in the past was referred to as education through Correspondence. It has always been accepted as a compromise in the face of not being able to reach a proper school or college.

I do not think this question exists in any other sector or industry except the Fitness Industry.

I don’t even understand this as an area of debate. I cannot fathom how someone could even begin, to try and refute the superiority of School Education over education provided via Online/Distance/Correspondence.

I think it would really be the epitome of "stating the obvious", if I were to actually take the trouble of explaining why Online Courses would be compromised education as compared to attending a proper brick & mortar schools, with inspiring faculty that nurtures curiosity.

I will end this debate on an undebatable issue with some “Food for Thought” that could get your stomach churning -

Think of the day when one might get a Drivers Licence via an online test!!!

As told to Sriti D Roy

Started in 2003, the journey of the K11 School of Fitness Sciences began in a small 1500sqft space at Mumbai, but has grown today to occupy an aggregate space of 23,000 Square Feet, spread pan India, and set to further occupy 21,000 Square feet of real estate by 2021.

It began as a one-man show but today has a fantastic team of extremely capable teachers having specialized domain expertise in Pure Sciences such as Musculoskeletal Anatomy, Exercise Physiology & Kinesiology, Cardiorespiratory Regulations, Fitness Testing, Resistance Training Principles, Neuromuscular Strength performance, Anaerobic and Aerobic Endurance, Bio-Mechanics as it relates to Lifting Form & Technique, Running Gait, Sports/Performance Nutrition, Special Populations, CPR-AED & First-Aid, Soft-Skills/Personality Development.

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