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Lopamudra Raut

April, 2019
The Master Responds

An engineer by education and a model & actor by profession, Lopamudra Raut has always kept herself fit. She represented India at the Miss United Continents 2016 where she was crowned as Second Runner up and also bagged the title ‘Best National Costume’. Later she participated in the popular reality show Big Boss 10 where she was the Second Runner up and then went on to participate in ‘Khatron ke Khiladi 8’ where she finished as a semi-finalist. She is soon going to make her Bollywood debut.

This lovely lady aspires to be this fit even in her fifty-sixties, in fact right through her life. While shooting for the exclusive cover of Krunch Today, here’s what she had to say about her diet and fitness regimes.

- In Conversation with Gitanjali Mangal

Tell us about your journey of coming into modelling and becoming an actor?

It all started when I was doing my engineering. I wasn’t really into studies, I have always been that back bencher who felt that there is so much to do in life and I wanted to do it all. And during that course of time I realized that a lot of people would compliment me on my physique and tell me that why don’t you try for Miss India and I always took it as a sign that maybe nature is talking to me and god is telling me something and that I should go for it. So I thought of taking it seriously and I actually went for the auditions, which is how I entered modelling and won a lot of pageants. And I am so glad that it happened. I am always going to be so grateful to Miss India.

So were you always this fit?

Yes, I have grown up as a child who was too much into sports. I have always been a back-bencher but at the same time, I scored good marks, so I used to be always playing with the boys on the ground. So yeah- be it fitness or sports, they have been a crucial part of my life. I feel all this has also built up a certain lifestyle and body type in me, and I am so grateful that I have had such a childhood. So I have always been athletic and I am maintaining that with healthy diet.

Talking of time, how do you manage to work out despite your obviously tight schedules?

I think everybody is busy, but it is all about prioritizing. Yes, I do travel a lot. I am living out of a suitcase all the time. But I make sure that my shoes are always there with me. No matter where I go, I always try to find some time to go for a run or just go to the gym in the hotel or whatever is possible at a place. It does become difficult but it is for you; so if you decide to do it for yourself, nobody can stop you.

What motivates you to keep working hard?

I think first of all there is so much pressure of looking good, performing well and the pressure that you also put on yourself. But then I don’t look at it as pressure, I look at it as a lifestyle. I want to be the same desirable woman even in my fifty-sixties. So that is how I look at myself and that is something I have promised myself and I work towards it. If it takes eating healthy, I do that, not because everybody is doing it, but because I love eating healthy food, I enjoy eating salads and soups. So it is not difficult for me to maintain a healthy diet.

So do you consult with a nutritionist to keep a check on your diet?

Yes, I have always had a nutritionist on board but after a point of time you kind of understand how your body reacts to the diet and the workouts. So I have come to a point where I know my workout, I know my diet, my food, what makes me feel energetic, and what workout works well on me.

Do you feel that fitness is really picking up pace and people are getting more aware of the benefits of being fit?

I think yes. Everybody is getting very aware, more so because of social media. Gym trainers are becoming really popular on Instagram and I am glad that it is happening because it is spreading more awareness. But I also think there are a lot of myths that people need to stop believing in and they should know what your body wants. I think starving your body or depriving your body of some nutrition like carbs or protein or anything for that matter is not healthy. So you need to know that your body needs these things and you have to consume them in a balanced manner.

Have you ever come across some strange myths?

Yes, I think a lot of things float around. There are people who go off carbs and this thing is just trending but my point is when your body needs it, why don’t you have it. You need to draw a line and figure out how much your body needs and give it that much; don’t deprive your body because then it is not healthy.

So the funniest myth was that if you drink cold water, you will gain weight. I was like water has no calorie, what does this even mean!? I think it was really funny!

Do you follow any hardcore bodybuilding enthusiasts?

Not really, I have never believed in having that muscular body because I personally don’t want to look like that. I think the beauty of a woman is in looking feminine and you can try to look healthy and fit at the same time, so I don’t really go very heavy in terms of weight training. I do what my body needs in terms of lifting weights, less kilos and more variations. I feel that is another factor, you should know your game. You should know what you are doing and why are you doing it.

So who inspires you to be fit from the entertainment industry?

I think if I look up to somebody in terms of glamour and fitness together, it has to be Jennifer Lopez. I have always seen her as an inspiration. The way she looks at this age despite being a mother is great, just phenomenal. I wish to look like her when I am a mother someday. And the way she carries herself and takes care of her health and works out. So she really sets an example.

What message do you have for all the fitness fanatics out there?

I would just like to advise them that please know what you are doing, please know about your body. It is always good to be knowledgeable than just blindly following the trends and what people are doing. You should always read about what your body needs. And please eat what your body requires; do not starve since I feel that is the worst thing you can do to yourself. If you feel like eating something, go for it but know how much quantity is right for you.

In other words: use knowledge to boost your fitness.

Rapid Fire:

  • Favorite Cheat Meal: Chocolate, and I LOVE PIZZA!
  • Favorite Music: Hip-Hop
  • Favorite Fragrance: Versace Eros and Gucci Flora
  • Favorite Fit Male Actor: Tiger Shroff
  • Favorite Fit Female Actor: Katrina Kaif

- KT

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