Parag Mhetre

Grueling Goblet Squat – The Kettlebell

June, 2017
The Master Responds

Ever heard of the Goblet squat? Neither had I, before I started lifting kettlebells. Squats and dead-lifts are my favorite, and trust me I never miss doing them in my training in the gym. So why not a variation of squats with Kettlebells, called the ‘Goblet Squat’!

Doing squats with barbells at home? Is it possible at all? Only a few can do them. When at home and working without weights, most trainers find it difficult to add variations to leg workouts.

But leg training can’t be ignored if you are training for FAT loss or for sports performance. But the Goblet squat can take your training to the next level, even when training at home.

First let’s understand how to perform the Goblet squat, stepwise:

  • Hold the Kettlebell handle, bottom down or bottom up, very close to your chest
  • Position yourself with shoulder distance between the legs, similar to the standard barbell squat position
  • Squat down deep, keeping knee in line with toe but pushing your hips back to engage the core
  • Push through heels and exhale on way up (against gravity) holding the bells firmly near your chest and without allowing the hands to collapse down
  • Perform several repetitions before you put the bells down

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