Parag Mhetre

Kettlebell cleans for DEADLIFTS!

April, 2017
The Master Responds

Kettlebell cleans can be a pre-cursor to deadlifts. Let's check how. But first let's understand how to perform Kettlebell cleans.

  • Place the Kettlebell 1 feet ahead of your feet. Push your butt backwards and look straight ahead.
  • Clean the Kettlebell to the Shoulder driving the force through your Legs and Hips. Ensure that elbow and hips remain intact with each other in entire movement. As the Kettlebell approaches your shoulder, rotate the wrist inwards and rest the Kettlebell on cavity formed by forearm, biceps and chest.
  • Slowly and smoothly lower the Kettlebell back towards the floor ensure you hook the bell once it passes the hip line, keep your Hamstrings loaded at all times and quads relaxed.

While you rack the bells on the iliac crest your knees should be straight and arms relaxed. Do not overstress in any position which can allow the heart rate to go up, ensure that heart rate remains low.

So what is the relation between the two? Often I am asked questions in my seminar on the relation between the Kettlebell training and its importance for power lifting or strength training. The Kettlebell swing and clean is a great developer of the posterior chain (which includes calves, hamstrings, glutes, spine) and will teach you how to develop snap in your hips. Kettlebell clean makes useful assistance movement for the squat and the deadlift.

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