Twinkle Kapoor

What you eat in Private, is what you wear in Public

December, 2018
The Master Responds

Model and Actor, Twinkle Kapoor is a fitness lover who keeps a constant check on her diet and nutrition. She is also a social media influencer who suggests that we be aware of what fitness regime we are following. Here is what she has to say about her love for keeping fit & healthy.

As a famous celebrity with a busy lifestyle, how do you cope up with your fitness regime?

I always keep this in the back of my mind that my fit body has given me this opportunity to be in the industry. I need to be constantly fit and working out to keep in the best shape. Although, it gets very tedious I manage to work out during my busy schedules.

Do you feel the pressure to be in perfect shape?

Yes, absolutely. But rather than pressure, I look at it with a positive perspective. It keeps me grounded and healthy too. I have a lot of gratefulness towards my body and fitness and need to actively keep doing activities which help me to stay fit.

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