Yoska Prepares For

India's 1st Triathlon

April, 2019
The Master Responds

Yoska is a Bengaluru-based start-up fit-tech company and was founded in April 2016, by Deepak Raj and Rudra Prasad Nanjundappa. It offers next generation fitness coaching programs for endurance activities like running, triathlon, swimming, cycling, general fitness and walking which are suitable for people of all fitness levels.

The word 'Yoska' is a combination of two Sanskrit words 'Yos' and 'Ka', from which the vision to partner with individuals globally to create 'Healthy body, happy soul' is derived. Yoska fitness programs are highly personalized, structured, and holistic and also entail virtual group interaction with global experts.

Yoska has certified coaches in India, Australia, Singapore and USA and their trainees are spread across the globe.

-In conversation with Gitanjali Mangal

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Dr. Rajani Patil Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Specialist

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Shwetha Bhatia Registered Dietician and Fitness Athlete

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Parag Mhetre Gold Medalist at World Kettlebell Championships Completed 250+ workshops, teaching in 20 states of India & overseas

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