The Healthy & Fruity Popsicles

February, 2019
The Master Responds

How blissful life feels when healthy becomes synonym to tasty. Introducing FruPops!

Brainchild of Harkamal Grover, FruPops is a hub of pure fruits in ice popsicles and smoothies. This amalgamation of fruits is completely healthy as it has no added sugars or preservatives. The outlet is set up with a flowery theme and light bright colors with ferry hanging lights, and is one of the favorite destinations of fitness lovers. FruPops offers a unique variety of flavors like Pure Kiwi, Wild Berries in Lemonade, Tropical Coconut, Watermelon Patch, Lemongrass, Coffee, etc.
Here is everything you need to know before you taste these lip smacking popsicles.

- In Conversation with Gitanjali Mangal

How did the idea of FruPops strike you?

Eating Fresh and Healthy is the new trend but with limited options, and none in the segment of ice creams and desserts. So then came the idea of recreating ice creams on a stick but with all natural fruits. and thus came Frupops into being.

What kind of research did you do before starting the venture? Are you getting a good response from people?

Entrepreneurs have tried to catch up with the new additions in the food segment but have lacked a little in innovation. Nobody offering fruit flavored popsicles in and around was enough motivation, and as for research we consulted food bloggers and travelers having lots of exposure. People have been generous with the response and rate of repetition has been extraordinarily great. As per requests and suggestions, we are open to change and have been innovating and changing items in line with preferred tastes. Every 2 months we have been adding new items, and expect to make it a full-fledged bespoke ice cream parlor by May 2019.

What do you offer in the menu?

To start off we offer a variety of Fresh Fruit Popsicles- No flavors added, No sugar and No Preservatives. 12 different flavors of popsicles with different fruit offerings and seasoned fruits, added every different season. Smoothies- we have 2 different sections of Health based smoothies, Eatables and Drinkables.

Curd based smoothies with Fruits, Berries and all other Seeds to make it nutritious. Shakes - 5 Protien based Shakes with a small addition of chocolate and cereals for the fitness fanatics. Coffee- Serving the Original Blue Tokai Roast coffee in flavors such as Hazelnut, Caramel and Cinnamon. Salads, Waffles and Cakes being the other offerings.

What is the USP of FruPops?

The USP is that we serve original Fruits and nothing else, No compromises.

What is your idea of being fit?

Fitness is not just physical; different aspects lead to a Fit lifestyle, with one of the very important of these being the diet. Healthy food leads to a healthy lifestyle. You have to take out time for keeping up with your workout schedule no matter how busy you are. I feel that if you have proper meals, drink enough water, and keep with some movement throughout the day, you already have a healthy lifestyle.

- KT

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