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Powers Of Collagen

February, 2019
The Master Responds

Collagen is definitely the champion of supplements on account of its protective qualities. It is also the most plentiful protein present in the human body and it makes up more than one-third of your total protein. Collagen helps to build your teeth, bones, muscles, skin, connective tissues and ligaments.

Here is why you should make it a part of your supplement stack.


Collagen is nearly 80 percent of your skin. The production of collagen by your body slows down when you hit the mid-20s. That's when and how you start looking older. Researchers claim that you start losing 1% collagen each year from your skin. Consuming collagen peptides as a supplement is an easy way to recover this loss and maintain collagen levels in your skin.

Collagen takes care of your dry skin problems and also improves elasticity. It helps in reducing wrinkles and making you look younger. Now who doesn't want to know the secret to young glowing skin?

- KT

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