Shwetha Bhatia

Does festive eating leave you frustrated with your fitness goals?

December, 2016
The Master Responds

Eating healthy during the party season sounds like the toughest task in the world. Let’s check out ways to stay on track to your fitness goals amidst the festivities.

The festive season has barely kickstarted, and everyone already has slipped into celebration mode. This state directly translates into a 24X7 supply of sweets, snacks and other delicious temptations that can make even the hardlinersmeander from their weight loss goals. Even people who work hard to maintain their weight throughout the year end up putting on some extra pounds by the end of the festivities.

It's difficult to avoid all those sweets and snacks when everybody else is gorging on them, but trying and actually inculcating some expert backed strategies in your day to day life during this period can help you a lot in eating wisely during the festive season.

Here are a handful of tips:

Plan your day:

Organising your meal beforehand really helps. You know what time you will be heading out. Inform your host about your meal preference if possible. It usually works for me. Your host will be happy to make arrangements (if they are happy to have you!). Don’t leave the house on an empty stomach. Protein and fibre are your options, read: vegetable soup, boiled eggs, chicken salad, nuts, sautéedpaneer. Also, understand that a cheat meal can be planned without throwing you off the wagon. Allow yourself a serving of whatever you wish to eat; the frequency will depend upon how much you are on track otherwise.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise:

Exercise is definitely not punishment for extra calories! In fact, it may not offset all the damage (more on this later). However, do not let the frolic festive atmosphere lower your motivation for exercising. Something is better than nothing. Change your exercise schedule to cope with the late nights and lack of sleep etc; but do not stop exercising completely. Research show that you are less likely to cheat and stay more in control when you are exercising. That does make life a tad easier during the party season.

Skipping meals:

I see a lot of people reaching out for alcohol and then compensating for those calories by not eating. This damages the stomach lining,can get you intoxicated faster, and also usually causes nasty hangovers. Munch on some nuts.This keeps your alcohol consumption in check and at the same time ensures you are not going home empty stomach. If you are out for dinner, definitely stay off carbs!

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