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February, 2019
The Master Responds

Shweta Rathore who has been winning hearts all around has various accolades to her name, like Miss World-Fitness Physique, Miss Asia- Fitness Physique, and Thrice Miss India- Sports Physique. She has also been listed in 100 most impactful health care leaders worldwide.

A qualified engineer, Shweta is also the founder of an NGO- ‘God’s Beautiful Child’ and has been awarded with the title of Fitness Icon.

To add another feather to her cap, she is now the member of Editorial team of Krunch Today and will talk about a healthy lifestyle through her monthly column.

Shweta feels that education plays a vital role in one’s life and there is a dire need to spread the awareness of making a career in the fitness industry. She is definitely going to serve well all aspiring athletes and people who want to have a healthy lifestyle despite their busy schedules, with lots of insights in terms of mental health, fitness careers and motivation.

Welcoming Shweta Rathore, here is an exclusive conversation wherein she shares her experience and journey of fitness whilst sipping just black coffee, without sugar!

- In Conversation with Gitanjali Mangal

Coming from an engineering background, you won various accolades in the fitness industry. Tell us about your journey?

My journey can be defined as a very passionate and hardworking one. I have done B.Tech in Electronics & Communication but I have always been inclined towards fitness. Even when I wasn’t in the industry, I used to work that sweat out and eat healthy. And I think when I decided to make my passion my profession, I took a very wise decision because this industry not only made me stronger physically but also mentally. I have grown as a person. And that is what I want to make the youth aware of, that be focused on what you want to do in life and take the right steps. If you wish to make a career in fitness, take proper education in that field. Make good strategies to succeed in that particular field. And don’t just jump into something; first research about it and figure out the necessary details. This helps in the long run. When I thought of getting into it, my vision and strategies were very clear. I feel that helps you grow and rise.

Now that you are a part of the Editorial team of Krunch Today, what should people expect in your columned articles?

Well! First of all, thank you for making me a part of your Krunch Today family. I am really excited to add my experiences to this informative Fitness & Lifestyle magazine. As I said, I have worked really hard to be the face of fitness that I am today and there are a lot of things that people need to be aware of. Fitness is not just about Body Building, you may work up a lot of sweat and lift a lot of weights, but Fitness demands the whole package, which includes your mental wellbeing, being presentable, your passion and love to be fit, and of course a lil’ bit of glamour!

You have to be very clear and positive about your thoughts because thoughts become things and I feel you should first of all invest in yourself and your well-being. Find out the resources which you need to reach the top of your profession. And this is what I want people to know through my columns. Once you enter some field, remember that there is a certain kind of set audience which needs to be targeted. If I am the face of certain brands today, I make sure that I personally feel that the product is going to help the consumers. Decide which segment you want to target; you want to be an athlete, a fitness trainer, an influencer, or nutritionist. So that is what lacks in today’s times.

I am very happy that through Krunch Today, I will be able to share and acquaint the readers of all age groups with the right information that will definitely help them move ahead.

- KT

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