Dr. Rajani Patil

Stop Looking At The Weighing Scale

November, 2017
The Master Responds

Fitness often takes on different meanings and differs from person to person. For one it may mean the achievement of fitting into a pair of jeans, while to another it may be the ability to do a hundred push-ups in one go. All of these are wonderful in their own right, as long as we don’t fall into the trap of associating the level of fitness to the amount of body weight. In today’s day and age, the word slim is often associated with fitness and those who are on the heavier side have been labeled as ‘out of shape.’ Even though these biases are harsh on those who don’t have an ideal body type, the notion of slim being beautiful is a misconception which we have been conditioned to believe.

In fact, a person who looks heavy may be more fit compared to someone who has a trim physique. All that matters is the amount of exercise you get. There are those who diet but don’t exercise, but let me tell you, even if your body-weight is within the healthy level, you may lack visceral fat and muscle. One indicator of not being ‘healthy’ is a low level of physical activity and poor or restrictive diets. This proves one thing for sure, that weight is a poor determinant of fitness.

This is an eye-opener for all those obsessed with their weight. The weighing scale is no measure for a healthy body and does not hold the key to your fitness level. Believing in a weighing scale alone could put you on a road to diet fads, an unhealthy self-esteem and a poor confidence level. So, aim to find out your fitness level, by using the parameters outlined below and get on an exercise regime that suits you best. Seek professional assistance before you embark on the route to fitness.

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