Rachit Dua

Muscle mass and a Ketogenic diet

September, 2017
The Master Responds

A high fat, moderate protein and a low carb diet, also known as a Ketogenic diet needs no formal introduction in today’s day and age. The diet not only offers therapeutic benefits for diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity and Alzheimer’s but also is claimed to be the best for fat loss globally. But here the question arises of whether we can pack on muscle mass while being on a keto diet?

Pros and Cons Of a gluconeogenic (high fat and high protein keto diet) muscle gain diet

Pros: Better GH production due to less insulin spike.

Better testosterone production due to a high amount of fat intake.

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Aminder Singh Certified International Fitness Coach

Every exercise practised should be measured on the basis of its risks and benefits. If a particular exercise proves to be more risky than beneficial, then it should be avoided. Training is meant to strengthen your joints and muscles, not injure them. Below are four popular exercises, which may also prove to be risky if not practised the right way.

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Nikhil Ashtawale Director (Integrated Fitness & Sports Institute)

The rectus abdominis muscle, also known as ‘abdominals’, or ‘abs’, is a muscle running vertically from the pubic symphysis (hip bone), ending at the 5th or 7th costal cartilage (anterior part of the ribs). The muscle can show between four to eight packs, depending on the genetics of an individual. Here a myth worth busting is that abdominal exercises cannot change the genetic make-up of a muscle.

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Shwetha Bhatia Registered Dietician & Fitness Athlete

Prepping for any sport requires a great deal of proficiency. Engage yourself in an interesting read as Celebrity Nutritionist and Athlete, Shwetha Bhatia simplifies the female athlete triad and its effects on a woman’s body.

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