Rachit Dua

3 Mistakes Bodybuilders Make During Peak Week

June, 2017
The Master Responds

This article is dedicated to those advanced enthusiasts who are either planning to compete or are planning a photo shoot. In this article we will be discussing an imperative, and interesting topic; that is, the peak week!


Peak week is the last-week preparation for a particular event. For instance, a bodybuilding competition, a photo shoot, a holiday trip to a beach, etc. The key objective during this phase is to achieve maximum muscle definition, with a well-shredded look.

The three elements that play a significant role during peak week are: carbohydrates, water and sodium.

Before we move forward, let's be clear, the peak week works well only for people with below 8% body fat. If you are above that you are wasting your time and energy.

Moreover, the peak week is just 5% of the preparation; if you are not shredded enough, nothing can help you in getting that hard and dense look.

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