Rachit Dua

Lateral Raises: Dumbbells VS Cable Pulley

December, 2018
The Master Responds

I want you to ponder about the 2 best shoulder exercises that you never skip at the gym. I bet the majority of you have thought about lateral raises as one of them. Lateral raises no doubt deserve to be a staple exercise in your shoulder routine; after all, it has a key contribution to that 3D shoulder look. In this piece I shall be comparing the two common variations of lateral raises: Lateral raises with Dumbbells VS Lateral raises with Cable Pulley. Which is the best, let's find out.

Lateral Raises for Boulder Shoulders

Joint Action: Elbows abduction

Primary muscle: Medial/Lateral deltoids

Lateral raises is an isolation movement used to target the lateral head of the deltoid muscle. The prime function of this muscle is to laterally abduct the arm. A well-developed lateral deltoid gives a fuller and rounded look to the shoulders. The exercise could be performed with different variations; however it is commonly performed using dumbbells. There is another variation of lateral raises, which is performed using a cable pulley which in my opinion is superior to dumbbells. Below is the key difference between both the variations:

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