Parag Mhetre

Kettlebell is a ‘King’ in the gym, if you use to its full potential.

October, 2016
The Master Responds

The inclusion of Kettlebell workouts in gyms has become a rage since past few years. Many gyms across India are now implementing Kettlebell workouts, as strength and conditioning programs for members. Kettlebells are being used as rehab or cardio workout or as a strength routine;hence it becomes all the more important for the gym owners and trainers to educate themselves about the right products.

Many personal training studios use non-standard Kettlebells to save cost, which eventually turn to be useless. In the absence of correct equipment, the workout gets hampered. But by studying and upgrading the knowledge about Kettlebells, one can learn the right way of using it, correct the negative notions and turn them into very useful workout equipment. As compared to big barbells, Kettlebells come in very handy in a small studio kind of setup, due to its compact design.

This article highlights different types of Kettlebells available in market and the prudent choiceto be made.

Kettlebells come in different sizes and materials, but predominantly differentiated as casting and competition bells.

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