Parag Mhetre

Probably the toughest sport of lifting!

November, 2016
The Master Responds

Kettlebell sport or Girevoy Sport (GS) is the traditional Russian sport of Kettlebell lifting, and it also happens to be the national sport of Russia. Kettlebell sport evolved from athletic and military circles and slowly spread to the wider population across Europe before reaching the US. The sport is highly challenging in terms of strength & endurance, and it is cyclical in nature. The success of lifters depends on technique, flexibility, strength, power, proper breathing patterns, aerobic capacity, stability, and most crucially - mental strength.

Based on the fitness level, an athlete can choose to practice and compete in one of the two lifts:

  • Biathlon (Jerk and Snatch- 2 events)
  • Long cycle (Clean and Jerk)

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