Kunal Sharma

6 Basics to living longer

November, 2018
The Master Responds

Nowadays, the life expectancy rate in people has decreased big time. But who doesn’t want to live a long life. When you ‘live longer’ than an average person, you are said to have longevity. There are 6 prime ways to achieve longevity of life: Sleep, Fat burning workouts, Breathing exercises, Nutrition, Timing of nutrition, and Hydration with electrolytes.


Nothing helps us beat stress and conserve our energy more than a good night’s sleep. The health of our immune system too depends upon sufficient hours of sleep. Studies show that people with chronic stress report shorter sleep duration, have worse sleep quality and more daytime functioning impairment. Sleep is a healing process where the body melts away all the stress that we build and store in the body and mind after doing a long day’s work. Less sleep increases the chances of more bacterial and viral infections. Insomnia reduces the natural killer-cell activity. So, if we take control of our sleep with a positive approach, we are on the way to less stress and better health. Normally, we need 8 hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep every night. Quiet meditation each day lowers the blood pressure, relieves anxiety, and reduces the discomfort of chronic headaches and other painful conditions. During deep sleep, our fat burning hormones work efficiently and help us burn fats. If you remember your dreams, it means that you were not in deep sleep. So, deep sleep is the state of the body where you heal. A good sleep ensures you will not have loose skin around your thighs, back of your arms and around your waist. Tightening of skin and making the skin shinier is the work of the Growth Hormone which is activated by high intensity workouts and works during deep sleep. Acne, pain, aches, inflammation, everything gets better with deep sleep. Additional to your workouts or diet, sleep plays an extremely important role.

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