Kunal Sharma

Health Tips For Night Shift Workers

August, 2018
The Master Responds

People who work late night shifts often face depression, fatigue and inflammation problems.

But why? Now, that's an interesting question.

In this write-up I am going to give you some important tips about how you can create good health in people who work hard in late night shifts.

But first thing first. Late night shift workers face a problem with their circadian rhythms, which is the sunset and moonrise cycle. All human beings are connected to the universe and surprisingly so are our internal organs. Our gallbladder starts working after 10 pm and if we do not go to sleep between 10pm or 10:30 pm, our gallbladder will not digest fats efficiently. That means our skin, hair, nail health suffers. Late night shift workers also do not get enough vitamin D, because they sleep in the day time. If you are deficient in vitamin D3, then your immune system as well your bones become weak.

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