Should You Train Your Neck?

Jag Chima

April, 2019
The Master Responds

Short answer is yes; you should definitely be training your neck muscles. Imagine a person with a muscular physique and a skinny neck commonly termed as pencil neck; it just doesn't look right.

The neck is one of the most important and underrated muscle group for aesthetics. Neck training needs to be an integral part of your program, whether you're an athlete or not.

A strong neck will contribute to overall functional strength and a more balanced and powerful looking physique. Regular neck training will also help strengthening what is typically one of the weakest muscle groups in your upper body, thereby preventing the injuries that can occur from heavy overhead weight-lifting exercises.


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Dr. Rajani Patil Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Specialist

When I treat in the clinic patients with neck pain, I always ask them when the pain started. Many times the answer to this question is: "I pulled my neck while lifting weights" or "I felt neck pain after a heavy session at the gym".

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Shwetha Bhatia Registered Dietician and Fitness Athlete

Tea, which was probably first brewed as a beverage in China around 2700 BC, is one of the oldest and (after water) the second most consumed drink in the world.

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Parag Mhetre Gold Medalist at World Kettlebell Championships Completed 250+ workshops, teaching in 20 states of India & overseas

Kettlebells is the king in the gym if you use it to its best potential.

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