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Tips For The Perfect Bench Press

April, 2017
The Master Responds

Bench presses are a great way to build strength and define your chest. However, if done incorrectly, they can cause you injury. Read these tips to get the most out of your bench press:

  • Squeeze your shoulder blades - to help you move properly and strain the muscles that you need to work. This sets a good foundation for when you slide your shoulders together and back when you push.
  • Don't bounce the bar – Bouncing it on your chest can damage your rib-cage and you're actually letting momentum do the work, not your muscles.
  • Relax your neck - Don't pull your head up like you do during crunches. It doesn't help and will lead to neck strain.
  • Press the floor - Get more power and force by tightening your body and pressing your feet into the floor as you push upwards. Avoid excessively arching your back.

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Aminder Singh Certified International Fitness Coach

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Nikhil Ashtawale Director (Integrated Fitness & Sports Institute)

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