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A Healthy Nourished Skin

February, 2019
The Master Responds

We all love the idea of having a beautiful skin, but do we ever think about what all it takes to have one. Indeed, it's time for a reality check.

Beautiful Skin is a myth; instead a Healthy Skin is what we all need. We live in a country where we have all skin tones: Fair, Light Brown, and Dark. The skin colour depends upon the melanin in one's body, and it doesn't stop any shade of skin or skin type from being healthy. It is a constant process and your skin does not turn flawless and gorgeous overnight.

In this busy and technology-led life, it is an ongoing battle to take care of your skin, and to add on the stress are all those friendly but not so friendly advices that we get from our friends & family.

Do we really use exfoliates or peel? Do face masks help? Should we double cleanse? Our daily travel through the polluted environment will make our skin age faster, so what do we do!!!?

- KT

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