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To Invest In Digital Technology?

April, 2019
The Master Responds

In the new digital era, our assumptions about what is essential to a specific business or industry are moot. With that in mind, what do we think digital transformation will mean for the health and fitness industry? Before we can answer that question, we need to take a look at the health and fitness industry's status quo.

We all know digital disruption is a risk. And we know that digital transformation is an essential component of future-proofing your company. But what we're seeing isn't an industry enthusiastically embracing the opportunities digital transformation affords. Instead, we see an industry in confusion. An industry unsure what to do with the tools available to them. And it's no surprise. When you know you have to change so many aspects of your business, where do you begin?

Maybe your first instinct is to invest in digital tech that will help you keep up with the latest disruptive market entrant. You don't want to fall so far behind that there's no point trying to catch up, right? Or maybe you want to wait another year or so, get a better feel for the new digital reality before investing. We can't say which choice is the right one, because digital transformation is different for every business. There's no playbook to guarantee a successful digital transformation in "X" months.

- KT

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