Mindset Motivation Muscle - Sonu Sood

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October, 2018
The Master Responds

An outsider who has outshone his peers, Sonu Sood is a superb Actor and a passionate Fitness Enthusiast. This B-Town Heartthrob has made an impressive impact with his audacious choice of roles and has managed to amaze many connoisseurs with his blitz of remarkable performances.

Few know that the charismatic actor is also a qualified engineer. Physically always on top of his fitness, and emotionally generous, Sonu hits all the right chords.

In this exclusive conversation he unleashes his background, interests, and his journey of being an actor and a fitness devotee!
- Gitanjali Mangal

To start off, we've heard that you started working out at quite an early age. So what inclined you towards fitness?

Yes, when I was in college, I was really impressed by two movies; Arnold's 'Commando' and Sylvester Stallone's 'Rambo'. I think these movies motivated me to get into fitness. I knew that I wanted to make a physique like that. I had a huge poster of Sylvester Stallone in my room. I used to follow his routine and research regularly about the right ways to achieve that kind of fitness. Then later, after my engineering, I decided to pursue what I always wanted to, and became an actor, and fitness was something I was always focused on.

What motivates you to keep training hard?

I think what motivates me to train hard is that working out is something I enjoy, this is something that I have been living with from past 18-20 years, and this has become a part of my life. This is not something that I just do for my profession. I love challenging myself and I think fitness comes naturally to me.

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