Smart, Strong & Sizzling - Sandhya Shetty

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November, 2018
The Master Responds

Actress, Model and Karate Champ, Sandhya Shetty is not amongst the ones famed for risqué publicity stunts, but her incomparable Acting skills and her Black Belt in Karate speak volumes for her. Sheer believer in hard work to attain goals, Sandhya has brought accolades to the country by winning a Gold medal at the Commonwealth Karate Championship, and Gold & Bronze medals in the SAKF Championship. She has also won many hearts by her sizzling performances in Cinema and on the Ramp. Sandhya Shetty is an active supporter of empowering women and she shares how important it is to be fit and healthy for women.

Talking about how she strikes a perfect balance between sports and glamour, here is an exclusive interview with the woman whose story is spun with dreams.
- In conversation with Gitanjali Mangal

What motivated and inclined you to Karate?

I have always loved sports. In school, I was a track athlete of 100/200 meters and I used to play Volleyball and Kabbadi. Later in college, I was in the basketball team and post that I did my NCC. So while I was modelling and acting, I really felt the need to connect with some sport. I wanted to try martial arts, which would make me strong physically and mentally and Karate was the right choice. Girls are generally complimented for beauty and brains but I craved for the brawn.

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