Krunch Cover Girl 2019

The Fierce and Fit Osheen Gill

March, 2019
The Master Responds

Krunch Today would like to congratulate, and present to you, the winner of Krunch Today Cover-Girl Hunt 2019, OSHEEN GILL.

- In Conversation with Gitanjali Mangal

Having certifications in personal training, weight management, nutrition and Zumba to name a few, she is professionally a premium personal trainer at Gold's Gym, Bangalore. Emphasizing the idea of being fit and acquiring in-depth knowledge of fitness & nutrition, Osheen wishes to serve people and contribute her bit to society. Giving tough competition to the other contestants, from her stage presence to her zeal of motivating people, she came up to conquer the crown. Here is everything you should know about the first ever Krunch Cover-Girl.

Tell us something about yourself and your profession.

I am a fitness enthusiast and a very optimistic person. I have always been good in studies and like other parents, my parents wanted me to be a doctor but I never saw myself as one. So finally we settled at me doing graduation in some medical field. This is how I was introduced to a Bachelors in Nursing. I finished my graduation in B.Sc. Nursing as university topper. I got the opportunity to not only assist in surgeries in operation theatre, but also work in ICU, emergency and many other areas in the medical community. I learned a lot about the human body. But I was sure of the idea that I never want to be a part of a tough setting like a hospital. After that some incidents shaped my life in such a manner that today professionally I am a proud premium personal trainer at Golds Gym, Bangalore and I train celebrities, sports persons, people with medial conditions, weight issues, etc.

- KT

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