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January, 2019
The Master Responds

An entrepreneur by profession and a fitness model by passion, Ranvijay Yadav follows a strict routine of working out, diet, and sleep. He is an avid traveler and loves to explore different cultures. From cooking healthy meals to driving exotic cars, Ranvijay shares with his followers his lifestyle and his desire of keeping fit.

-In Conversation with Gitanjali Mangal

What motivated you to start working out and becoming fit?

I was a very obese kid. I suffered from low immunity and couldn’t indulge in any physical activity in the school. I would get tired very easily and couldn’t even run. Things that I wanted to wear would never fit me, as a small child I was wearing XXL sized clothes. I was fat shamed as a kid, and all this made me feel really low on confidence until finally I made a decision to change my life and started working out. I have never looked back since then. Once I lost all the excess kilos, I wanted better fitness levels and also six pack abs. Then I started focusing on these new body goals and altered my lifestyle accordingly.

Being an entrepreneur and a fitness enthusiast, how do you manage your workout schedule?

I have always believed in the fact that work and workout are both equally important and everything else is secondary. I work out twice a day and if the day time tends to be busy, I get up as early as 5:30 a.m. to manage my morning workout. My gym, ‘Butterfly Gym and Fitness Academy’ and my trainer Gaurav Chhabra have been really supportive by being flexible with my at times odd workout schedules.

I also have a backup gym membership near my workplace in order to work out when I am running late due to meetings or traffic.

There are no off days from the gym for me, I work out even on Sundays.

How important is diet and nutrition in keeping fit?

According to me, my body goals and fitness levels are highly dependent on my diet and nutrition. I think one should have enough knowledge about eating right and according to what the body needs at what time.

I feel that good clean food made with organically sourced ingredients is really important for staying healthy. Also, timing your meals and stringent measurements of portion sizes are a must. You have to eat in moderation, even if you are eating the healthiest of meals.

How do you deal with your cravings for junk food?

I think it is my willpower and the results I see each morning in the mirror which eliminate the cravings for junk food. I haven’t eaten salty and masala food for 3 years now. Eating clean and unprocessed food not only makes me look good but also makes me feel happy internally. First step is to get the mind on board until your body can take over. The endorphins released from working out that sweat are more addictive than junk food cravings for me.

Who is your inspiration when it comes to fitness and healthy living?

I am inspired by many people when it comes to fitness and healthy living. Sylvester Stallone, Sergi Constance, Jeremy Buendia, Kris Gethin, Salman Khan, Sahil Khan, and Tiger Shroff, to name a few. I think all of them possess really good physiques and are consistent with what they do.

What are your future goals, dreams and plans?

As an entrepreneur, I aspire to make it big in the field of fitness industry by opening my chain of gyms and introducing my own line of supplements. I have visited numerous conceptual gyms abroad, I would like to introduce something like that in India.

About my personal physique, the goal is to never stop and keep growing better than I was yesterday.

Any message for the budding fitness fanatics?

I would just say that worship your body, you live in it. Consistency is the key, don’t give up as more the time and hard work you put in your body, the better you get.

Make it a lifestyle and enjoy the process rather than feeling punished by restricting yourself.

Eat good, exercise well, and overcome all your mental hurdles as this is a long term process; you don’t achieve the desired body goals overnight.

Rapid Fire:

  • Favorite Music-
    Pop and Hip Hop
  • Favorite Fit Actor & Actress-
    Tiger Shroff and Kareena Kapoor
  • Favorite Cheat Meal-
    Acai Bowl and Peanut Butter

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