Karuna Waghmare

Champion Material

July, 2016
The Master Responds

Against all odds, 39 year old Karuna Waghmare from Pandharpur, Maharashtra has written a history of sorts for herself and women like her in the field of women bodybuilding in the country. Karuna is a two times World Champion, two times Asia Champion, two times National Champion, and also a State bodybuilding Champ.

Though wrestling was part of her DNA, Karuna was kept away from it in a conservative rural society of interior Maharashtra. Not deterred by it all, Karuna nevertheless made a career in the field of bodybuilding ...bringing along laurels, prestige and commitment to a sport which is her passion for life, and which has paved a way for others like her in the country.

Krunch Today in an exclusive with the Champ...

What motivates a woman like you to become a bodybuilder?

KARUNA: I come from a very conservative family from Pandharpur, Maharashtra, where even wearing a skirt was taboo. I was rebellious to begin with. As I come from a family of wrestlers I can say bodybuilding is in my blood. But my choice of profession not only caused opposition from my family but also cost me my marriage, as my husband, not happy with my profession, tried to seriously dissuade me. Instead of leaving my passion however ...I left him.

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