Ashish Sakharkar

Waiting To See The Golden Era Of Body Building

July, 2016
The Master Responds

Many believe that in India bodybuilding is one of the neglected sports. Despite producing world class body builders, the Indian Body Building Federation has not received recognition by the government yet. But Ashish Sakharkar, a true professional trouper believes that India will soon see the golden era of body building. Ashish who synonyms victories and awards in his field,is crowned four times as Mr India, is also four times winner of Federation Cup, owns a Gold medal in IFBB European Championship, a Silver medal in IFBB Mr Asia Championship, Silver and Bronze medal in IFBB Mr Universe Championship and has been ranked 7th in Amateur Mr Olympia Championship.

Krunch Today is in conversation with Maharashtra's body building icon Ashish Sakharkar, one of the best bodybuilders the country has ever produced.

What prompted you to begin competitive bodybuilding, were you always a fitness lover?

The love for bodybuilding runs in my family. My father who held the title of Mr Maharashtra, is my idol. I was determined to accomplish success in this field; my family has been my pillar of strength for me.

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