Anytime Fitness To Open A Health Club On
Antarctica-Based Cruise Ship

Anytime Fitness is all set to open another gym on the Antarctica-Based Cruise Ship, 'The Magellan Explorer'. It has partnered with Chilean travel agency 'Antarctica21'. The health club will be operating during the Southern Hemisphere's summer months, i.e. from November to March, starting 2019 when the 300-foot ship will be in service.

The ship will be based off King George Island, largest of the South Shetland Islands, located approximately 75 miles from mainland Antarctica in the Southern Ocean.

USA based franchisee, Anytime Fitness was launched in 2002 and has grown exponentially with this 4000th health club.

"We really fervently believe in our company's ethos of 'fitness any way you want it, any time you want it and anywhere you want it,' and being able to hoist the Anytime ‘Running Man’ flag on Antarctica was another way to show to our franchisees across the globe, as well as their customers, that we are deeply committed to providing fitness options anywhere they go," said Anytime Fitness CEO Chuck Runyon.

He also said that the company is currently considering concepts for an enclosed, ocean-floor club as well as a club in outer space via a partnership with a private rocket operator.

"Initially, when Anytime approached us, they just wanted to pick our brains and get some insights about the logistics and challenges of building a gym on the continent; it was certainly a bold idea, but we've been operating in the Antarctic tourism business for a decade and a half, and we knew that actually setting up a physical structure on the continent would be a very complex—if not impossible—proposition given the maze of overlapping claims, treaties and conventions that govern Antarctica," said Francesco Contini, Executive Vice President of sales and marketing for Antarctica21.

With this venture, Anytime Fitness will become the first ever health club-company in the world to be operating on all the seven continents.
- KT