Pradeep Mehta


January, 2019
The Master Responds

Let's Learn to Spread Our Wings

Acroyoga is a combination of Acrobatics and Yoga. It might sound like a new concept but it hails back to the last century. It beautifully combines the two major forms of exercise and gives you strength, flexibility and power. It is a partner based workout which also demands team spirit and mutual trust between the two practitioners. It is comparatively more challenging than other forms of yoga.

Pradeep Mehta, who is known to be amongst the few to master this form of yoga in India is a celebrity trainer who teaches Power Yoga, Laughter Yoga, and Acro Yoga. Here is an exclusive conversation where he talks about the many nuances of AcroYoga.

- In Conversation with Gitanjali Mangal

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Shwetha Bhatia Registered Dietician and Fitness Athlete

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Parag Mhetre Gold Medalist at World Kettlebell Championships Completed 250+ workshops, teaching in 20 states of India & overseas

This is a very important question which is asked often in my seminars all over India,...

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Rachit Dua An advanced certified personal trainer for general and special population (people with medical issues), certified sports nutritionist and an online fitness consultant.

Footwear matters! Whether in regular life, at a party, or even on the gym floor, a right pair of shoes can create a difference to your looks as well as performance.

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