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Holding The Kettlebells – Grip & Its Importance!

May, 2017
The Master Responds

As you are getting hooked to Kettlebell lifting slowly, further small but important things in lifting can certainly enhance your performance.

We all encounter the drop in performance in doing any steady state kettlebell lifting OR even barbell lifting. For eg if you are doing swings or snatch, most often you will encounter lactic acid burning in forearm which makes set stop or even doing deadlift our grip gives up even though we are capable to perform that extra rep.

Holding the kettlebell, barbell is technique and which only gets refined the more you lift. Forearm muscles are small and its likely burn-out faster than any other part of body while lifting. Below description will give you the information of importance of holding the kettlebells right way to give performance enhancement.

The Hook grip:

The hook grip is to get a better grip on the handle but also to relieve some tension on your forearms, if you are experiencing, tight forearms or muscle soreness try switching to a hook grip instead holding the bells firmly.

This is especially the case when just starting out with training and your forearms and fingers still need to be conditioned for workout before doing any long sets.

A closed hook grip for kettlebell lifters relieves some of the tension on the forearms and furthermore, it involves the index finger more in the grip.

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