Parag Mhetre

Challenging the Kettlebell Bottoms-up clean & press

February, 2017
The Master Responds

As you start lifting the bell ensure that you keep your whole palm on the bell and after swinging try to lift up the bottom of the bell in the vertical direction. As you lift the bell your arm tenses, and the tension in your arm irradiates to create more stability in your shoulder. Similarly, as you tense your torso the irradiation principle increases the strength in your shoulders. Hold the bell in clean and press position for a minimum of 10 seconds; later hold for 30 sec as you develop more stability and strength.

In order to keep the Kettlebells at bottoms-up position, your grip, shoulder stability, and core tightness, must all work together. You should have good grip-strength as your shoulder moves through its full ROM (Range of Motion). In addition to all of the above components, you also need mobility in the thoracic region along with rotator-cuff strength to find the right pressing groove.

The important aspect of the bottoms-up clean or press is the balance component. As you try lifting a heavy Kettlebell, your arm gets more tensed; likewise it also engages the core to make it stronger.

With the weight upside down, you will feel the pressure in your palms. This tends to keep the elbows in a relatively less strained position. Bottoms-up presses are also an effective rehab tool, as they build rotator cuff strength which is crucial for racket sports players. Incorporating such lifts in sports such as badminton, tennis, squash, table tennis, or cricket, can lead to good strength development and improved performance.

Last but not the least, even before you start doing bottoms-up clean first try to do the regular Kettlebell Clean, so the pathway formed in this manner will help you perform properly the ‘bottoms-up clean’. Further when Kettlebell press is done correctly, one can add greater challenges through bottoms up clean & press.

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