Kunal Sharma


March, 2018
The Master Responds

Does gut health begin with the mouth?

Mouth health is the most important part of the health of our whole body.

To begin with, proper chewing is very important since we need to give time for the bacteria in the mouth to break down the food. If we do not do so then the whole process of digestion gets disrupted at the beginning itself.

The habit of not brushing and flossing has also resulted in health and weight loss patterns of thousands of my clients. About 90% of the people do not floss, resulting in early teeth and gum deterioration. Our dental health does not manifest decay signs easily, and years of deterioration later causes bleeding gums, tooth decay, and painful cavities. Presently, 99% people have an oral hygiene problem, but our attention appears limited to our outward appearance and the kind of soaps and perfumes we use.

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Aminder Singh Certified International Fitness Coach

Like it or not, biceps fascinates and attracts everyone the most. Other body parts may also be attractive but biceps have always been the topmost priority. After all, it is one of the most visible muscle displays, isn’t it? Therefore, we shall be discussing the best bicep developer exercise for this month- the traditional biceps barbell curls!

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Parag Mhetre CMS (candidate for master of sport) World Kettlebell Bronze Medalist Completed taking 200 Kettlebell workshops – PAN India

Kettlebells is a versatile tool that offers you a most unique training method. If done correctly, it can maximize your lifting potential. Most of the time people believe that a warm-up is important, but complete it quickly say in 5 minutes. This is a wrong conception.

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Dr. Rajani Patil Spine & Sports Physiotherapy Specialist

The world’s most common ailment, besides back pain happens to be a headache! We all remember that one day which got ruined because of a headache.We don’t get too bothered about headaches- we all get them, and that’s fine! However when the headaches become frequent, they become...

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