Kunal Sharma

OSTEOPOROSIS - The Epidemic of 20th Century

February, 2017
The Master Responds

Osteoporosis is a condition of low bone density. It increases the risk of fracture from minimal impact, and hinders your health & fitness goals. It is perhaps the most important public health issue around the world.

Osteoporotic fractures are most common of the hip, the spine and the wrist. It is a systemic disease and increases risk of all types of fractures; hip fractures being the most common and devastating type of fractures associated with low bone mass.

The instances of hip fractures increase with age in both men and women. Bone density increase in early childhood and adolescence starts to diminish with age. The net loss of bone density is about 10% per decade.

Other factors that affect bone density adversely are sex, genetics, and race. It is being noticed that as compared to Asian or African populations, fractures are more common in Americans and Scandinavians.

Physical activity undeniably improves bone strength.

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