Kunal Sharma

Super Ten: Do's and Don'ts for a sexy bride to be

December, 2017
The Master Responds


  • Stay happy all the time, because it’s a time to celebrate.
  • Focus on nutrient-dense foods, and not on those foods which have empty calories and no nutrients.
  • To look good through this hectic time you should hydrate well. Drink good amounts of water frequently; it’s the primary food for your skin.
  • Core work is important to strengthen and tighten your stomach area. So focus on a good fit-core regime.
  • Focus on good fats like coconut, olive and almond oils, and cashew butter. These fats will help you burn fat.
  • Consume lime water with apple cider vinegar to clean your liver and to control your blood sugar. Two teaspoons of apple cider with one lime are good to go for the whole day. It will help to clean up your skin and reduce the tremendous load on our endocrine system.
  • Practice flexibility workouts and meditation on a regular basis because these will help you calm your mind and reduce stress.
  • Swimming is a good option to reduce or to tone your muscles. Try to do some aqua aerobics once or twice a week, with the combination of strength, meditation and flexibility workouts.
  • Consume water soluble and fat soluble vitamins with important mineral supplements. Supplements should be organic. These will help you to sustain your energy levels for a long time, and also kill fatigue.

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